Darren Criss, the charming Prince Eric who I caught DANCING behind me at the Little Mermaid LIVE after party! LOL!

You were absolutely adorable, clever & funny as EVER as Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid!  

Dancing onto the scene in the ’80s as a choreographer and pop star, Paula Abdul has spent decades working in the music industry. The former American Idol judge, 53, now sits at the

LOVELY to meet you and to hear your powerful ‘King Triton’ voice in The Little Mermaid!

LOVED seeing him as “Sebastian” in this magical show at the Hollywood Bowl!  

Titus Burgess as Sebastian is MAGNIFICENT in The Little Mermaid!  

I’m STILL SMILING about my Brooklyn Turnaround Arts students FANTASTIC performance at The White House! I’m most proud of these brilliantly talented young people! HUGE thank you to First Lady

Be sure to get a copy! Huge shout out to So You Think You Can Dance! Premieres Monday, May 30th on Fox! 🙂 xoP

Looking fabulous as ever! Tune in to TODAY to The Wendy Williams Show at 11am PST! We’ll be talking So You Think You Can Dance & more!

There’s so much power in taking even just ONE, deep, mindful breath. Meditation keeps me centered. It’s so important to take time every day to slow down & just breathe.